Monday, 12 December 2011

This Week In The Garden

The Calendula is in flower and we've been drying the heads as they've opened for skin care recipes.  Last year I filled a jar with petals and filled it with oil, left it on the windowsill for a few weeks and then sieved out the petals.  Calendula is the great cure all of many skin ailments. 

The rhubarb is flourishing.  I'm still planning on making rhubarb relish before xmas.  (Laura took this photo)

The Gooseberries are ripening.  I think they'll be ready just after xmas, earlier than usual.  We like eating these straight from the bush.

The Acanthus is looking at its best.  We've had lots of rain over the past week or two and the garden is looking alot better for it.

The bees have been busy and I'm going to check them this week to see if I can extract some honey off before xmas.  It makes a wonderful gift.  Last year we gave away most of our harvest away and the bees died a few months later, so this year we'll be holding onto some.

 And the potato competition is continuing.  Its due to finish on xmas eve but we might continue it for another couple of weeks.  Watch this space!

Ella, Tony and I have been busy building a no-dig garden. (1 of 3)  It wasn't until we finished that I realized I hadn't taken any photos of the process.  I'll try to remember next time to show you what we do.  A method that I've used for the last 14 years that gives great growing results.

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