Monday, 19 December 2011

So Far This Summer........

We've been to a watercolour painting class in the park.  Luckily the weather was dry and sunny.  It was a lovely day and the children really enjoyed the class.

Babysitting a friend's two brown shavers while they went for a holiday to Australia.  Its nice to be getting a regular supply of eggs again.

Thinking and planning and making some things for xmas.  Some of them will be wraps for xmas presents and others like the puppy fabric are destined to be a gift for Louie.

Enjoying the beginning of a (hopefully) long strawberry season.   Really enjoying picking our own raspberries this year and beating the wild birds to them!

Enjoying this gorgeous boy.

Looking forward to a long family holiday with lots of time in the garden and at the beach and lazing about enjoying the weather.

Hope your Summer (or Winter) is going well whereever you are.

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