Wednesday, 7 December 2011

More Christmas Making

We've had a few of our outdoor activities cancelled this week due to the rain so it was a good time to get out the paint brushes, cellotape and pretty papers for a bit of Christmas crafting.  The kids painted some pictures to be made into Christmas cards and gift wrapping.

Laura just adores painting.  She seems to be mesmerized by the colours.  We use water colour paints on dry, good quality, thick paper.  I don't like using cheap paints and paper for the kids art.  It just doesn't get very good results.  I love how when one wet colour touches another 'they shake hands with each other and make friends' and the magic of watching the colours combining and changing begins.

Ben painting his cards.

All finished!!

I'll be back tomorrow to show you how to make your own Christmas crackers.

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