Monday, 5 December 2011

Make Your Own Paper Gift Bags and Washi Tape

We've been busy making some presents for Christmas.  Well the wrapping part of it so far.

I found this tutorial here.  We found an old music book at Sallies and tried making a bag from the pages of it.  The paper was too thin so just used it for decoration on the thicker brown paper bag instead.  You could probably use two layers of the music paper instead.  I thought a little branch across the bottom of the bird bag would finish it off nicely.  Meant to have it finished to show you but have been busy, busy in the garden and end of year activities with the kids.

 I've been loving all the washi tape I've seen on various blogs lately and because of the cost and difficulty of getting it here I decided to make my own.  Someone's blog suggested brown paper tape but I found a 50 metre roll of double sided tape at the $2 shop and used that instead.  The tape was just the right width to use some bias binding I had found in my travels recently.  The sticky part of the tape has to go on the back of the paper/fabric that you're using so that when you take off the top covering paper, the fabric or decorative paper is the right way up.  Washi tape can be repositioned, this tape can't be.  But hey who cares!  You could even use up all your scraps and make patchwork tape.  This would be a great present to personalise and give a roll to a friend or just use it to make stylie gift wrapping.  I was thinking of children's pictures made into tape, string, ribbon, anything you can think of!  We used pinking shears along the edges of the fabric for something a bit different.  Laura really liked cutting off pieces and making patterns with the finished tape.  I think my favourite is the lacey one.  Its the same lace I used for the handles in the bag above.  So even if your lace is thinner than the width of your double sided tape, just use two widths of lace.

I'll be posting some more crafty stuff later in the week so remember to stop by.  Have a great week.

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