Thursday, 15 December 2011

How To Make A Yo Yo Brooch

Ella has been making a few of these lately. 

These are called Suffolk Puffs or Yo Yos.  We found these at the 2nd Hand Shop.  Theres all sorts of things you can do with them.  Made into a brooch they make a great gift.  And when you're short of time a 'make in a flash' gift.  This is what you'll need:

* fabric of your choice, think xmasy colours, silver, gold and quilting fabrics are great.  Keep in mind it can't be too flimsy otherwise your brooch will be floppy with the weight of the button on it.

* brooch backings from the craft shop.

* various buttons from your extensive collection.  Lay them out on a tray and choose what takes your fancy.

* needle and thread.

* something round like a jar to trace a circle from.  Experiment with different size circles.  Remember they get a lot smaller when you've gathered them in so make a few yo yos and try them with different size buttons in the middle.  The bigger the yo yo the stiffer the fabric needs to be because theres more fabric to flop.  You could stitch/hot glue a circle of felt on the back to stiffen it if you want to use flimsy fabric.

Heres where you can go for a how to for the fabric part.

So you've got all your supplies and you've made a few yoyos.

Making the brooch

Attach the button to the gathered side of the yoyo and the brooch pin to the flat side.  Remember if you think your yoyo needs stiffening attach the button to the front first then glue or stitch a circle of felt on the back then sew on the brooch pin.  Check that the brooch backing is is the middle to the top part of the yoyo and that the brooch when its finished doesn't flop, before you sew it on.  If its a bit floppy attach the felt first or the put the pin higher up.  When choosing and deciding the endless combinations of yo yos and button possibilities remember you can layer the buttons.  Start with a larger one on the bottom and a smaller one on top.  Don't feel that it needs to end with a brooch you could make this into a necklace instead.  Just finger knit or crochet a chain to the length you desire.  You could just hot glue this to the top back of the brooch or attached it to the brooch pin and let the receiver of your wonderful gift decide if its to be a brooch or a necklace.

We bought the cardboard boxes at the $2 shop.  Try and decorate with the same colours as your brooch.  You could attach a circle of the same fabric to the top of your box, use buttons, something from nature or whatever takes your fancy!

Hope thats clear enough.  If you've got any questions just leave a comment and I'll clarify.

Thanks for stopping by.

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