Friday, 2 December 2011

Goodbye Betty

This week we lost one of our brown shavers, Betty.  I can never remember which ones which of the shavers so I call them all the 'big brownies'.  The Chinese Silkies are called the brown/white fluffies and the golden silkie is of course Goldie.  We've had the shavers for almost 4 years.  They've had a good life free ranging around most of our property.  Helping themselves to whatever was growing in the veggie gardens.  Betty would be about 5 and a half years old when she died.  Ben seems to take their passing the hardest.  So Betty dying was another opportunity to talk about Nana and Papa's passing.  We talked about the importance of saying 'Thank You for your life'.  The days preceding Betty's death when she became more and more frail I said the same thing to her, Thank You for your life.  It felt important.  I said the same to Nana in the days before she died.  I'm grateful that I had the chance to say it to her.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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