Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thrifty Finds Thursday

When I'm looking at thrift shops at clothing its the fabric that attracts my attention.  I often buy something not necessarily to wear but to cut up for other projects.  I'm always looking for natural fabrics, linen, silk and cotton.  This shirt is silk and linen and I love the shell buttons and the flowers with buttons in the middle.

Its a navy blue colour.  Although I brought this thinking I would cut it up I think I'll wear it instead.

I found another shirt today 100% linen.  Its getting more and more difficult to find 100% natural fibres.  Lots of linen clothing has a combination of linen and cotton.  I'm going to try stamping and dyeing the fabric and make it into something else.  I might use the front to make a cushion backing for Ella's patchwork cushion cover.  The detail along the bottom and the shell buttons are really nice.

I've been looking for cups to make some candles for xmas presents and came across these.  Made in Australia.  You already know how much I love anything round, oval and curved.

 Stoneware cups made in Japan.  I like the earthy colours of these.

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