Monday, 21 November 2011

This Week In The Garden

This resides in Laura's garden.  He's a gnome reading a book.  Quite appropriate for a book loving family!

The rhubarb is flourishing this season.  I put a large spadeful of chicken poo and straw under this one in Spring when we cleaned out the chicken house.

We have 11 apple trees in our garden.  Some of them Heritage varieties.  Most have a good fruit set this year.  There are so many bumble bees in the garden this year, its thanks to their pollination abilities.  I hardly ever see our honeybees on flowers in the garden.  They do like the thyme flowers though.  I wonder if we will get honey flavoured with thyme this year?  Thyme oil is good to deter varroa mites and I'm sure boosts the bees immune systems.

Sage looks so beautiful in flower.  I'll cut this back after flowering otherwise the whole plant dies back.  The bumble bees just adore Sage.  Ella has been busy drying herbs for bath bags for Xmas presents.

The Feijoa tree is about to burst into blossom.  Theres Granny Bonnets, Hostas and Wallflowers growing underneath. 

The Hostas look amazing this year, hardly any snail damage so far.  I think the snails have been eating the peas instead!

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