Monday, 7 November 2011

This Week In The Garden

These are Laura's hands holding onto an egg just found in the nesting box, still warm, full of possibilities.  Laura is a wonderful companion to have in the garden.  Someone to hold the hose and listen to the rhythm it makes when you move it from one bucket to another.  Someone to remind you that the peas have grown more hands to reach the next part of their support.  Someone who despite the chicken's running and squawking, still wants to catch one - Claris, and sit, hold her while singing to her and feeling her being with all her senses.  Someone to remind you that despite all the work, there is lots of love to be found in our garden.

Theres Gooseberries growing.  Ella grew these from cuttings approx 2 years ago.  Aren't the veins amazing.

There is a great crop of rhubarb this year.  I'll try and make some rhubarb relish for xmas presents.

The Sage is in flower, as is the Thyme.   I love herbs.  I have always dreamed of having a large herb garden.  This is planted in Ella's garden.

The Hostas are finally waking up and uncurling their leaves and stretching out their arms.  I love the veins on these.  The snails haven't attacked these (yet).

And our new seating area being tidied by Laura.

And our wonderful, wonderful bees.  After catching last week's swarm the bees have been so busy drinking from this paddling pool and the compost barrel which has seaweed in it.  If I sit within a foot of the hives and the wind is blowing in the right direction, there is a wonderful perfume of nectar being made into honey.  Its the smell of all the wonderful flowers that you can think of combined with a hint of magic and a feeling that everything is right with the world.  Its indescribable the happiness that keeping bees brings.

Thanks as always for stopping by.

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