Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pin Cushion In A Tea Cup

Ella made this recently for her older step sister's birthday. 

A pin cushion made from an old tea cup.  There are heaps of tutorials on the internet if you're interested.  Just a few things we found out along the way:
1    Start with a larger circle of fabric than you think you need ( its easier to cut down a larger one than make a smaller one bigger!)  We used a small dinner plate.
2    Use crochet thread to sew a running stitch an inch from the edge, we used sewing cotton initially and it broke as we pulled it to gather the circle into a pouch.
3    Choose a cup with a straight edge at the lip because its hard to get rid of that gap between the edge of the  fabric and the edge of the cup.   
4    We stuffed this with wool but you could use polyfil or whatever you have, maybe adding a sprinkling of lavender would be nice.
5    We hot glue gunned the fabric to the inside of the cup.  Start deeper than you think you need to go and use a very small amount.  The glue can travel up the side of the cup as you push back the cushion part.  Covering the edge of the fabric or cup edge at the end will cover up any of these details.
6    Hot glue the ric rac about an inch at a time along the rim, again you only need a very thin line of glue.  Overlap ends and you're done!

Happy Birthday Rach!

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