Saturday, 12 November 2011

Our View

These were taken at dusk.  We always look over to the valley and marvel how they are still basked in sunshine late in the day when we are not!  But we do have great, wonderous views which we are grateful for.  Yes that is a beehive you can see.  Its a bait hive waiting to catch a swarm, hopefully from someone else's hives and not mine!

I love the sculptural qualities of the pods.  From the hills across the way our home looks like its just landed on the side of a hill.  I must get some photos next time I go.

When we first moved here 14 years ago, I use to stand at the oval windows and marvel at the magical, sparkliness of the night time view.

A full moon view.

And during daylight, the valley and hills across the way and the blue, blue sea.

Enjoy your weekend.

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