Tuesday, 8 November 2011

For The Love Of Circles

I love buttons, particularly old fashioned ones.  They evoke in me a sense of the fashion they were once worn upon and they speak of a simpler time when button choices would have been extensive and were the finishing touch of a garment that had been lovingly made by hand or sewing machine.

I love old fabric, especially furnishing fabric and especially linen.  This ones cotton.

These are water colour paints.  I love their intensity of colour.

This garden table is now residing in the new garden seating area.  I love looking at this area.  Its tidy (unlike the rest of the garden!) and partly shaded.  It seems to exude restfulness.  Thats why I haven't spent much time sitting in it lately!  Our weekends have been full of planting seedlings, rehoming bees and mulching.  But I can imagine on those hot, hot Summer days (when I'm not watering) that I'll be sitting here sipping lemon cordial and eating pinwheel scones.

This is the compost tea barrel that I've spoken about previously.  Full of seaweed.  The bees love drinking from this sweet brew.

This is an old copper probably from the inside of a water cylinder, inherited from a friend.  Hopefully it isn't breeding mosquitoes.  Its storing rainwater for the garden.

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