Thursday, 3 November 2011

Books To Inspire

I met Pat recently at a Creative Fibre meeting.  She was showing us some of the techniques that she wrote about in her book.  One of things she said that stuck with me is 'there are no rules with spinning'.  What a freeing thought that is!  She is a great teacher, I could have sat and watched her all day.  The skein beside the book is of a merino single plyed with a 12ply silk thread.  I was going to dye it, but just as I am writing this Louie has stolen it off the table and chewed it to bits!!  Well you could say it was just a practice run. GRRRRR

If you loved Eco Colour then you'll love this book.  A feast for the eyes as well as the heart and soul.  Ever since I took a workshop with India over 2 years ago, I have loved her work.  She really makes you think about what you wear against your skin.  I love how her dyes use no chemical mordants and the results are always one of a kind.

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