Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Welcome Back Bees

 This past weekend we finally got another colony of bees thanks to my good friend Cherry.  We had lost two colonies after the February earthquakes.  Earlier this year after watching the movie Queen Of The Sun Ben decided to join the family beekeeping ranks.  So with his yellow beesuit firmly in place he proceeded with smoker in hand, to help take the bees out of Cherry's equipment and put them into ours.  I have to say he was a natural, as is Ella who has been beekeeping since she was 10.  It was great to have two such enthusiastic helpers.  I thought he would get scared and lose interest and retreat to a higher place on top of the rock wall where his Dad was taking the photos.  But no, he was mesmerised.  He was so enthusiastic with the smoker that when I needed it to calm the bees down it had run out of fuel! 

Boy, frame beekeeping is hard, back breaking work.  But having two such great helpers made the job alot easier.

Last box off, now to put it all back together again.  Couldn't see the queen, but I'm a bit rubbish at finding her at the best of times.  Ella is alot better at finding her. There was heaps of brood and HEAPS of bees.  Note that no smoke is now coming out of the smoker, thanks Ben!.

I miss my Warre.  I think top bar beehives are the way to go.  They are definitely the bee friendly way to keep bees.  I'll try and split this new colony to make another and transfer it into this.  Its full of beemade comb from the colony that died after the earthquake. 
The bees have been busy drinking from my compost tea barrel today.  They must love the salt and nutrients from the seaweed.

Thanks for stopping by.

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