Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thrifty Finds This Week

I love collecting vintage tablecloths.  These will all be usd at some stage on our eating table.  The children like choosing which one and its nice to try and match it with the seasons.  They look cheery especially in the middle of Winter when their is such a lack of colour around.  I've seen some crafty people use them to make bags and all sorts, but I can never find the nerve to cut them up.  I love, love the orange and brown one.

Lovely old bowls set in a lovely old leather case.  Ben has had his eye on a set of these and wants to give the game a try. I love the case.

A pair of leather 'Kumfs'.  As you can tell by the brand name they are a very comfortable brand of shoes.  Ella has been wearing them around the house this afternoon, rejoicing in the fact that despite being only 12 she is nearly as tall as me.  I think I am shrinking!

 I love all of John Seymour's books

And Ella and Ben got some clothes.  I think its a great life skill for kids to learn to buy their clothes 2nd hand.  It teaches them that buying 2nd hand saves money, how to look for natural fabrics and clothing that is appropriate for their age.  It gives them choice over their own style because 2nd hand shops have every style imaginable.  They can mix and match and it gives them room to choose what is practical and what they love, not what 'fashion' dictates.   It teaches them to check the care labels and think about the content of natural fibres and man made fibres in the fabric.  It makes them conscious of their choices.  And while learning all of this they are also donating to a charity that helps people in the community.  Everybody wins.

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