Thursday, 20 October 2011

Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up......

For our  Potato Growing Competition

Heres our recipe:

1      Take one bucket approx 10- 20 litres in size ( we used  an old paint bucket) drill some drainage holes in the bottom, put a mixture of good soil and compost to about quarter of the height of the bucket, make a few depressions and add the secret ingredient ( ours was powdered sheep manure) and mix into the soil.

2      Place two seed potatoes in each bucket, just covering with the soil/compost mix and then water.

3      When the potato leaves start showing through, cover with more soil/compost mix.

4      As the potatoes grow, add your choice of secret ingredient.  Ella's is compost tea, Ben's is talking to his and Laura's is checking on progress every few minutes.

Rules Of Entry

1  Each participant must use the same size bucket and soil/compost mix to begin with.
2  Entry is open to all family members (except Louie)
3  Competition will be judged by Christmas time 2011 and the winner will be announced based on the heaviest harvest of potatoes on the chosen date.
4  The winner is final and no discussion will be entered into.  The winner gets the choice of the 'winners pudding'.
5  Only natural additions to the soil mix will be allowed.

We had great fun with this idea during the week.  Children love having something of their own to nurture and the added bonus of something to eat at the end AND the choice of their favourite pud if they are the winner.  It makes for a great way of sharing my love for the soil and our garden.  Hopefully it plants a seed in them that gardening is also about nurturing themselves as well as the soil and above all else its blimmin good fun!!

I'll let you know how the competition goes.

Heres the rest of our early potatoes planted, to be ready for harvest on Christmas Eve.  Ella dug all the holes, I put the powdered sheep manure in, Ben mixes it and they all take turns putting the potatoes in the holes, covering them gently with soil and watering.  Its a family affair.  This has been our family tradition for nearly ten years.  Planting potatoes contains for them the promise of finding buried treasure and eating that treasure with minted butter later on.  It provides a great sense of satisfaction to all of us and it warms a Mother's heart to see children learning and loving to grow their own food.


  1. i LOVE this. probably first because potatoes
    Rule, well, and garlic, but just because it's
    so Great. I have marked on my calendar to be
    sure to watch for the results. bummer about
    Louie. i want to send Cindy of Handstories
    over here to see if this could work with her
    children at her school....

  2. Thanks Grace, always lovely to have you over here.


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