Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Happy Birthday Ben

Having a birthday in our house usually means no jobs for the day, day off schoolwork and going out on a date with Dad.  We try to put more emphasis on the experience rather than the gift of 'stuff'.  Ben had a special request for his birthday, a cushion like Laura's and a birthday crown.

It was (another) late night sewing his crown and finishing his cushion.  My sewing machine wasn't working as well as it could, I was tired from working in the garden all day and yes I did leave some things to the last minute.  But in the end close to midnight  everything was finished.  I left the cushion on his bed with this poem in the back pocket.

What If 

What if a voice
were the wings
of a 1000 butterflies,
whispering and gathering
all the possibilities of you?

What if a smile
cast a glow
upon you,
to lighten and brighten
and lift the shadows
from heavy footsteps?

What if a hand
could carry you
to a place
of butterflies and smiles?

These were the fabric choices that Ben made.  It was a challenge trying to keep it a surprise!

So on the front we have something that Mum made and on the back we have an old shirt that Dad use to wear.  Something from both of us.

Happy Birthday Darling Boy.

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