Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Chook Palace

We spent a large portion of the past weekend, indeed most weekends over the last month moving this chook house, down the hill to what we affectionately call 'The 'Wilderness Area'.  Its appropriately named that because of the particularly 'wild' nature of the type of gardening that goes on down there.  Otherwise known as 'left to nature' You know what I mean.

So here it is.  Yes it does look a like a children's playhouse because it use to be one.  Tony moved it down our hill by sawing off the roof to make it lighter and pushing it along the ground on skids,  down the veggie steps and onto the jetty type foundation which is half off the ground and bolted to posts on the down side.  You may think this has been over engineered but we now live in an 'earthquake zone' and didn't want the girls slipping off down the hill, house and all on the next aftershock (which we're still having).  Oh for more flat areas!   I did ask the question (because I AM an engineers daughter - which Tony keeps reminding me of) if it wouldn't have been easier/quicker to build a new one, but we won't go there.  So after reconnecting the roof and replacing the rotten wall, its ready for a paint.  We don't like using treated wood so we covered it in paint to protect it from the weather.
I have a personal belief that any couple contemplating spending their lives together, should spend a weekend in the garden together.  You learn alot about someone in the garden and you learn alot about yourself too!  ie patience, communication, tolerance and the importance of humour.

So this is the painting phase.  Great teamwork excercise.

Remember what I said, this project involved alot of patience, tolerance and humour.

And in the last moments of finishing, Louie escaped from the house and proceeded to herd (I mean chase to within an inch of its life) one of the chickens and jam it in a wire fence under a bush.  Oooooh the adventures we have!!!!  He looks particularly docile in this photo, unlike the golden rocket he turned into on Sunday.

And after the said mentioned dog, with painted on ears was apprehended, the poor nervous chook was rescued from the fence, thinking, I'm sure that these were the last moments before she was to be Louie's tea.
The new chicken house and fenced in area isn't going to come soon enough for me.

Just a bit more ventilation and the nest boxes and perches to attach and we're all done.

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