Monday, 26 September 2011

Work In Progress

This weekend I've been working on this:

This is the fabric Ben chose for a hexagon cushion for his birthday, based on  Laura's .  His birthday is due in about 3 weeks, so I should have plenty of time to finish.  I work better when I have a deadline.

Its very meditative making hexagons.  I like to use writing paper because its reasonably stiff but not too stiff and pulls out really easily as you go. (its also great recycling) I'd like to get a picture from the back this time to look at all the stitching and the papers still in once its finished.  I imagine in those lovely quilts made a hundred years ago all the paper hexagons made from letters written to a love one and what wonderful stories they would tell.  Some of this paper has Ben's writing on it.  Although, I do love pulling out the paper as I go, so I will have to remind myself to WAIT.  I'm going to call it my What If Project, because inspired by a comment from Ben I've written a poem which I'm going to somehow incorporate into the pillow.  Thought maybe stitch part of it onto the front above the hexies, and put the rest in the pocket on the back.  I love Pip Lincolnes's idea of using the front of an old shirt as the back of the cushion cover, so that you can unbutton it and wash it.

The bird fabric I bought years and years ago features a New Zealand bird called a Pukeko.  Ben chose the colours on his own and made sure "they weren't too flowery".  I think he's made great choices.

I've almost finished all of the paper, ironing and pinning of the individual pieces.  Just a few more of the outside  blue flower ones to go and I'm ready to start stitching.  I love making things for my kids.  They are always so thrilled and it does make a Mother's heart feel good to see them gush over what I've made.

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