Thursday, 22 September 2011

Time For Play

Every little girls loves tea parties and Laura is no exception.

Theres plasticene cup cakes and acorn cup biscuits and walnut shell jelly floats and lots of other 'delicious' things

The perfect accessory for any tea party besides the cups and saucers is of course the pinnie.  This one is  made from a recycled linen tablecloth.  Laura is at that gorgeous age where "I can do it too, I'll help you Mummy"  So Laura is often my right hand girl when I'm baking or cooking or needing/not needing someone to stir.  If theres beaters or a spoon involved, she's there.

Just a basic pinnie and a last minute sewing job for a birthday surprise.

Hope you have time in your day for a tea party with your special little ones!


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