Monday, 19 September 2011


Despite the fact that its raining and feels like Winter today (and we have the fire going), it is Spring here.  Theres blossom galore, the days (and the soil) are slowly getting warmer.  The days are staying lighter just that little longer and the light, well the light is different.  Its hard to explain, its just different from Winter sunlight.  Its at this time of year when everything is waking up from the too long Winter that I feel 'the rush'.  Its as if my own sap has suddenly started to rise again and I notice the garden waking up.  From small seeds growing out of barren mud, to the sudden increase in weeds that weren't there a week or two ago.  A reminder that the time has come to get seeds into the ground.  I feel a sense of hurry, of a job thats 'got to be done'.  We've already started chitting potatoes and in the weekend Laura and I planted seeds.  I dug the bokashi compost into the glasshouse in preparation for the tomatoes and red peppers going in in about a month.  I've pulled back the mulch in the potato beds to let the sun warm the soil underneath in readiness for the potatoes to be planted in the next week or two and runner beans got planted behind the glasshouse door.  Theres peas to be planted directly in the garden and carrots and onions.  I always have big plans.  Plans give you a focus.  Theres more veggies going in this year because the chooks are going to be penned in down the bottom of our property and Tony has been busy fencing and building their shed down there.  Its all looking good for a great growing season.

My favourite Spring flowers, Match Heads (not sure of their proper name) and daffodils.

  Laura watering our seeds, just planted, she's so helpful.

 Satsuma Plum tree in blossom.

Even Louie is full of Spring

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