Friday, 16 September 2011

The Passing Of Time

Recently we celebrated the passing of the first five years of Laura's life and the ending of 85 years of our beloved Nana Lenore.  She is Tony's Mother, but she is also mine.  And there are quite a few people who would claim her as their Mother, Grandmother, teacher and dear friend.
When Lenore's time came it was a long and at times painful process for her and a helpless one for us watching and holding.  Her time had come, she knew that.  I have known this woman for 15 years.  I find I have never before been so aware of the passing of time.  A time that can not be relived, to savour for just  abit longer.  She is no more.  No more sharing our families life with her and hers with ours.  Lots of no mores.  For Tony it is the last parent death, so the no mores are stronger for him.
I miss her courage.  I miss her strength of her own life's esxample.  I don't miss how she struggled to eat, to talk, to breath.  I don't miss watching her struggle with yet another of life's challenges.  Throughout all of her many struggles; still born baby, down syndrome child, miscarriage, cancer, gratitude featured strongly in her life.  She never asked much from anyone, although there was never a shortage of friends.  I feel blessed to have known her.
She died with as little fuss as she had lived.  Modest, courageous with a strong faith in God.  Five years ago she traversed our steep gravel driveway to be at Laura's birth.  When Lenore died she had pink wool that Laura had spun 'just for Nana' entwined in her hand.  She would have found great comfort in that.  It was nice that something of Laura could travel with Nana.  We had a lovely funeral, just our family and a few of her friends.  Laura blew bubbles, we covered her coffin in Camelias that she had grown in her garden and after the service we ate her favourite ice creams.  I think she would have liked the way it went.

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