Thursday, 15 September 2011

More Eco Dyeing

Tops:  Eucalyptus leaves placed on commercially made merino tops, bundled tightly around a stone and simmered in a  pot of Mexican Daisy leaves.  Scarves are silk dyed with silver dollar gum on left, other eucalyptus leaves middle and right is flax, onion skins and kowhai leaves and seeds.  The black colour comes from wrapping the bundle in something iron.


  1. I have started collecting my onion skins for my first big cook up..cant you use a mordant?

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting.
    No You don't need to use a mordant with onion skins. You can either simmer your fabric with the skins in the pot or lay out your fabric (wool or silk are best) and lay your skins down and roll up around a stone or stick and tie with wool and you'll get the veins and details of the onion skins on your fabric. Book: Eco Colour by India Flint will give you more info.
    Kind Regards


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