Wednesday, 14 September 2011

In Search Of The Perfect Pud

I'd like to think as a parent that one of my main aims is to serve up nutritional fare and the children in their adoration of me would love it and ask for more.  In this dream they would all yell yippeee at the same time to lashings of celery and brocolli and all those other lovely vegies that stretch our abilities as a parent to camouflage and make more palatable.  Our generation more than any other tries harder to make these said vegies more interesting.  My generation has memories of veggies being boiled and mashed and there is a collective cringe and a desire to make things nicer for our kids than was done for us.  Since my childhood woks can be purchased and cooking classes on how to use said equipment can be taken.  In our house we love Thai food, which is Tony's speciality.  Besides making meals that the children will actually eat without complaint, my secret weapon when dishing up something they might not be too keen on is to follow it by a yummy pudding.  Usually our Winter evenings are marked by the lovely puds on offer.  Theres the choccolate self-saucing pud and there are the fruit sponges.  This year because the earthquake took most of my preserves and Ben finished off what was left of the plums and apricots, our Winter puddings have been a bit thin on the ground.  So last night I thought I'd try and rectify the situation. This is my version of the Peach Sponge, originally found I think in The Edmonds Cookbook.  Any tin or jar of preserved fruit can be used.  Our favourite is plums or apricots.

Open tin or jar of fruit and empty into an ovenproof dish, place in oven at 180C for about 30 min until fruit is bubbling.  This step is very important, because without it the sponge will stay doughy in the middle.
Beat together 100g butter/margarine with 4 Tablespoons of sugar ( I use brown), add an egg and beat again.  Add quarter a cup of milk ( I use rice milk), 1 cup of flour (I Use gluten free)and 2 teaspoons of baking powder, beat altogether until smooth.  Take dish of hot fruit out of oven and put spoonfulls of dough on top of the fruit.  Place back in oven and bake for about 20-25 min.   Nice with ice cream ( of course), we usually have it with milk.


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