Sunday, 20 November 2011

A House With A History

When we bought this property we found out that the owners wife was an author.  I took this as another 'sign' that this property was just meant to be ours. She wrote a book about the adventures of moving a Futuro house here, making it a home for her and her husband and building the amazing garden.  Its called:   He Was There too  .  There is a lovely photo on the front cover of the futuro house and their garden. She was also a travel writer and the book recounts her amazing journeys on ships to far off countries.  It is a lovely read.  She has written many other books as well, under the pen name Rosaline Redwood.  Although I would have loved to have spoken to her, she died shortly after we bought this house.  Its lovely knowing the history of our place, that it has its own story.  We're grateful to her and her husband for creating such an amazing property.  They had amazing vision and design ideas. 

We have the most amazingly beautiful view.

  Even the curtains have pictures of boats and ships on them, reflecting her life long adventures of travelling and writing about those travels in her her fiction and non fiction books.

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  1. How interesting. An what kind words you are using to remember this woman.

  2. Hi Aracne.....thanks for your lovely comments, and for stopping by.
    Kind Regards


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