Sunday, 4 September 2011


In our family its an important part of our children's life education to learn to show respect and appreciation and to be thankful.  At night after we've eaten, the children light our table candles and we each have a turn stating what we are grateful for for that day.  They usually start with their thanks for a nice meal.  Their Dad got them into the habit of this.  It can be  as long or as short a list as they wish.  The lists can include such things as trips to the library to pick up a favourite book or who we have visited that day or places we've been too.  After each person has finished saying their part they blow out the candle, relight it and pass it to the next person.  Its a such a lovely way to end the day on an especially nice note.  It gives us all a chance to focus on the good times of the day and admittedly some days I'm thinking 'is there going to be anything to say?'  We don't do it every night, although for a while we did.  Its a tradition that brings us together as a family and unites us in our thankfulness.  Gratitude changes the world and makes it a more loving place for everyone.  Try it and see for yourself.

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