Thursday, 1 September 2011

For The Love Of Wool

I have always had a love affair with wool. Dressing my children in  natural fibres has always been important.  For their health and the health of the planet.  Synthetic fabrics have an odd feel to them and they do not breathe.  Wool clothing is warm, absorbs moisture and breathes, so skin can too,  its just so natural.
Ella and I love to spin so we have lots of carded wool and fleeces for spinning, knitting and weaving, merino wool for felting and wool felt for other crafting.  Its a wonderful nurturing, inspiring and forgiving thing.  Theres so much that can be done with it at all skill levels.

This is Louie, otherwise known as the fourth child.  This is his first snow.

Despite New Zealand being a place that farms alot of sheep the wearing of wool is not as common as you might think.  But in our family we wear mostly merino wool, which has no scratch factor.  The children wear jerseys (sweaters) ususally picked up at an op shop; they sleep with woollen duvets on their beds and wear woollen slippers; hats and scarves.  We have woollen carpets in our house.  And Louie our precious puppy has a woollen blanket and jersey in his bed.  Even Louie has a love affair with wool!  We are often rescuing balls of wool, woollen slippers and toys from his mouth.  He is certainly living with the right family don't you think?

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  1. I love wool, merino in particular, New Zeland merino even more!


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