Monday, 5 September 2011

Favourite Places In Our Garden

On a Sunny day we can see right to the Kaikoura Mountain Ranges, which is nice since one of our pods came from there.

Is that an Owls face I spy?  I love, love paua shells and driftwood.  They were dotted around in lots of places in the garden when we first moved here.  The previous owners loved beachcombing too.

The view through Ben's bedroom window.

I love unusual containers in the garden. 

And I love collecting chairs.   Actually I love collecting lots of things.  This would be the children's favourite area with swings hanging from the trees and places to play endless games of hide and seek.

Beginnings of the children's teepee.  Did you spot the childrens picnic table?  Remember my love affair with all things round

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