Monday, 12 September 2011

Ella's Patchwork Blanket

Ella and I started this project back in February just before the earthquake.  I thought we would have got it finished before now, but there always seemed other things calling our attention.  She wanted to make one that would fit her bed.  So yesterday we spent, well actually Ella spent the afternoon behind the sewing machine.  My job was pinning and unpinning.  Bearing in mind success breeds success I try to make it as enjoyable a process as I can to inspire Ella to want to keep going.  So I did the boring bits. She surprised me with her stickability.  She stayed with it until all the panels were sewn and after tea sewed on the backing.  We're really pleased with it.

 ok, so Ella did some of the pinning too.

 Nearly finished, just the backing

Ella backed it with a navy blue flannel fabric with bees on it.

This is the one I made in February for Laura, much smaller.  Once its was cut out I made it in a night, the children were in bed - no interrruptions.  I knew if I didn't get it sewn that night, who knows when it would have got done.  Laura carries it to bed most nights and when she was ill with a cold last week she found it very comforting.  Thats whats so wonderful about handmade things is that they are embued with such love just for them, I know my children sense that.

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