Sunday, 28 August 2011

Just For Me

For a while now I have been making something handmade to give each child on their birthdays and at Christmas.  Theres been the birthday skirt and trousers for Laura's birthday last year, (they still get called this).  Theres been the birthday crown and pyjamas for Ella's birthday this year. For Ben theres been pjs, and theres been reuseable drawstring bags for all.  The children are always grateful and feel fortunate to have been given something designed and handmade specifically for them.  For Laura's birthday this year its a patchwork cushion.  Despite having not finished it yet and her birthday this Sunday, I thought there was something else I wanted to begin.  Nothing like a bit of last minute pressure the day before a birthday to get you focused!!  But there's always time for the important things right?  So here it is the other project.

small beginnings

I thought I would call it 'Making Friends - celebrating people's differences'  Because thats what friendship is.  I think this one's just for me.

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