Friday, 26 August 2011

In The Pink

There is a growing feeling around us, by that I mean in people and in the garden, that Spring has already arrived.  Its a good feeling after what seems like a long,long Winter.  I've felt we've faced the greyness of Winter since the February 22 earthquake.  For me Spring is about the colour pink.  It exudes a sense of hope, of rebirth and renewal.  That maybe, just maybe we have got through the worst of it and everything will be better from now on.   A few sunny days lately have been wonderful, hinting with the Sun's warmth that longer, warmer days are nearly upon us again.  There's lots to do in the garden.  (I mean LOTS AND LOTS).  There's chickens to move and fence in.  Because up until now they have been free ranging around the whole property.  Betty has been jumping the fence of her temporary enclosure, walking up the drive, scaling a retaining wall or two on the way and trying to lay an egg under our pod.  Lovely to go out and hang out the washing and hear her small murmurings of contentment and to see her comb just above the foliage.  There's beehives to expand, the glasshouse to plant out, retaining walls to be fixed, potatoes to plant, a long list of seeds to be planted in the raised vegie gardens and a treehouse/creative space to be worked on.  Did I mention the moving of the garden shed and the construction of a honeyhouse?  Yes I have BIG plans.  Some of them probably wont get done, but usually the important ones do.  After all I have four (usually) willing helpers.

I love sculpture in the garden, this is one of my favourites

     A spot of spinning
Camelias are wonderful right now, always the first to show a change in season
Rhubarb rebirth.  We love this baked with brown sugar and butter/margarine - delicious


  1. Jacqui...what a truly wonder Full world you
    create here...
    i work for a couple who travel each year to
    McMurdo..Anarctica for months to monitor the
    volcanoes there and they spend time in Christchurch on the way and way back. so i have
    heard many wonderful stories from them. this
    is so have you visit windthread
    now i can watch your Spring from New Mexico....
    thank you for coming by and i will be coming here
    as time goes along............

  2. Lovely to see you here Grace, you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment.

  3. I love that sculpture. It captures so very much. Thank you for sharing it here.


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