Monday, 22 August 2011

In the garden

This is Wilfred
We redesigned this garden approx 11 years ago.  I say approximately because that was when the major change came.  We had decided that in order to continue to live here and make this a family home we needed better access (and a bigger house!)  When we first shifted here the only access to the house was a steep set of about a 100 steps (ok there were only about 32 I seem to recall, but coming from living on a flat section to a hill it seemed more like 100).  We really wanted to be able to drive onto the property and have better access to the garden, especially since we had also purchased another futuro.  You see this journey of ours has evolved (and continues to do so).  As our family has grown, so has our house.  So about 11 years ago a very large digger was employed to cut a driveway from the top of the property down towards the bottom.  The soil and rocks were used to make two terraces of reasonably flat areas towards the lower part of the property.  This was to be the skeleton of our garden today.  Flat areas are so important for the enjoyment and use of our garden.  The steep areas very rarely get visited and used (which is why it is called The Wilderness Area) so for us they were important to establish.  We garden organically.  Having vegetable gardens is central to this philospophy.  The terraces became the places for our raised vegie garden, trampoline and glasshouses and beehives.  We have had many adventures along the way with our chickens, ducks and bees.  And many, many challenges with the unusual structures of our house with the council and builders.  But we have met some wonderful people along the way too.  Our architect, engineer and surveyor stood by us and helped make our dreams a reality.  They are amazing people.  They believed in what we were trying to do and often helped us to reply to council letters/demands, answering many ,many questions to gain consents so that we could add on to our house.  We will always be so grateful to them.

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