Thursday, 18 August 2011

Following along on this journey of ours...........

It was 14 years ago this month that we bought this property of ours.  We had looked at this strange building 5 months earlier and after opening the huge (curved) white gate to the property and seeing the pod at its largest, I quickly got back in the car and said there was no way I could live in that.  Whats it like inside everyone asks?  Well Its like a big round caravan.  Because most things ever invented by man are square or rectangular all the furniture is built into the curved walls.  You really need to alter your thinking and we have.  Regular furniture just does not fit.
So 5 months after the initial visit we came back for a better look around. The garden - and its a big one was everything I had imagined and wished for in our house searches - and more.  There was a man made waterfall and small stream with little bridge, secret paths, fruit trees and swing trees, a domed glasshouse, wilderness and groomed areas.  It was all so magical.  There was a shed on the property with a brass door knocker in the shape of a foxes head.  A sign that this property was meant for us.  Despite other people signing up for the property, those sales all fell through.  It was indeed meant to be ours.  So 14 years ago this month with the Satsuma plum tree in full blossom with its perfume wafting around us as we looked and explored and dreamed, this property became ours.  And every August as that tree blossoms I am transported back to that time and remember the magic and trepidation of taking on this huge adventure. Because after we bought this property we bought another Futuro house from a friend of a friend.  We really needed the extra room.  When we started there was just Tony and I (Jacqui).  Then came Ella, Ben and Laura.  When we came here we were 2 peas in a pod and now we are 5 peas in 2 pods!  We installed the 2nd Futuro next to the existing one and added living areas between.  And so our house which we called the pods has now become HOME. 

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  1. I love your Futuro Home and followed you over here from Grace's blog .. such a lovely family you have and just really love the roundness of your home. And the spectacular views. I also love your silk eco-dyed scarves.!!! Take care, Tammy


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